Please connect your wallet to verify as The Stoics holder. You will also see other Gabe Weis NFTs you own.

Click the Connect to Discord button above to get your roles on The Stoics Discord.

To verify as a Holder on The Stoics Discord, please join and click the Connect button in the #tools channel.


You need to connect your Wallet in order to verify as a Holder of The Stoics on our Discord. This allows us to assign your roles and grant you access to The Stoa (holders’ channel), Gabe Weis OG (for holders of Gabe’s other artworks), as well as access to token-gated channels for specific Types/Traits within The Stoics collection (i.e. Owls, Bulls, Bubble Gums, etc).

Connecting your Wallet on this website is safe and secure, and involves only the basic permissions.

For The Stoics, you need to hold a token from The Stoics by Gabe Weis collection.

For the Gabe Weis OG role (which grants access to a separate channel on our Discord), you need to hold one of Gabe’s NFTs on the Ethereum or Avalanche (AVAX) Blockchains, including collab pieces. The full list of NFTs can be found on our Linktree.

In order to obtain relevant roles on The Stoics Discord, please visit the #tools channel and use the Connect button. This will take you back to this page, where verifying the tokens held in your Wallet will automatically update your roles.

Please report any issues in the #support  or #create-a-ticket channels on our Discord.

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